When They Focus On Winning, We Often Lose: 5 Current Examples

When the candidate, Donald J. Trump, was running for President of the United States, he often articulated a theme, based on the need, for America, to be winning, more often! He even, once, said, We’ll win so often, we’ll get tired of winning! However, this term is often, one more based on semantics, and a large degree of empty rhetoric, and, somewhat, meaningless promises, than, on the best interests of the citizens, he was elected to serve and represent. There have been several examples of this, including, the quest to win, at nearly any cost, on issues, such as healthcare, tax reform, infrastructure, net neutrality, consumer protection, and, a variety of other priorities. This article will attempt to briefly examine, and discuss, these 5 current examples, as it relates to serving the American public.1. Healthcare: President Trump, often appears, to be more focused on undoing the Obama legacy, than improvements, which help the citizens. Rather than being willing to accept, the flaws in the proposed legislation, often referred to, as, Repeal and Replace, he behaved, like a bully, blaming legislators. While there are certainly flaws, in the Affordable Care Act, the responsible action, would have been, to seek, a bipartisan approach, to fixing, tweeking, and improving, the act, in terms of costs, coverage, and treating the health, of Americans. He has appeared to prioritize winning, to addressing, the need, for better medical treatment, where citizens, received care, as a right, rather than an entitlement!

2. Taxes: As a candidate, Trump, sought to appear as the populist, stating he would change the system, so the middle class, would benefit. However, this becomes hard to believe, when nearly every economist, states the proposed legislation, will significantly increase the federal deficit, and the biggest beneficiaries, might be, the wealthiest 1%. So – called, Trickle Down Economics, has never succeeded, as promised, in the past!3. Infrastructure: The candidate called for a significant improvement in America’s infrastructure, saying, he would create a trillion dollar commitment, to that needed effort. However, to date, there has been no solution, introduced, but, only, empty rhetoric, promises, and blaming and complaining! Who wins, when this is the approach?4. Net neutrality, and Consumer Protection: Before there was legislation, creating, what is referred to, as, net neutrality, many internet providers, abused the privilege, for their self – interest, and the personal benefits! When this is abandoned, most experts believe, the result will be less free access, and a politic – bend, to how this is handled. Similarly, fighting to change the consumer protection board, which has protected citizens, when banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions, abused their power, may be considered, winning, by Mr. Trump, but certainly, isn’t a win, for citizens!

5. Other priorities: I believe, winning, should mean, the public is better served! This President’s focus and approach, has been on manipulating, eliminating, favoring one segment against another, polarizing, and apparently, trying to dismantle many areas of government, as we know it! Shouldn’t our public servants, top priority, be, their constituents?Wake up, America, before President Trump, and his cronies, do irreparable damage, to the nation, as we know it! It’s up to the citizens, to assure, they receive the treatment, they need, and deserve!